Friday, 9 November 2012

Farewell Electra

A truly sad moment has come to pass in this pregnancy...  I decided to stop riding my bicycle.  It's getting a bit uncomfortable with my knees hitting the bump as I cycle, and then I had a couple of scary moments this week.  A dog ran out in front of me and I had to brake suddenly, and then it poured down on me on the way home yesterday.  It was slippery and I just thought maybe it was time to move on.  So I offered the lovely Electra to a colleague and joined the masses on the train.  And it's horrid.  I don't mind not drinking, avoiding some cheeses and not drinking too much coffee, but this tube going might be the end of me!

Farewell Electra, you've been a loyal friend these past 7 years.  At least I can home some fun now in thinking what bicycle to get next.  We're thinking of a cargo bike, but more on that soon.

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