Saturday, 8 September 2012

The kumara

This week the baby gets a dose of New Zealand culture as it's now as big as a kumara, or sweet potato to our English friends.  It's nice to teach it it's first Maori word.  A bit scary that it will spend it's first few years on this side of the world and that it might not learn words like kumara. This is another vegetable that we don't buy often but should seeing as they're so healthy. Traditionally we just don't eat a lot of heavy meals in the evening so that is something that I am trying to force myself to do... eat more carbs.  

The belly is starting to swell more now and on this dress I don't need the belt any more.  Which meant that I had to finally get around to telling people at work.  I put off telling them for ages, I guess because that finally makes it real!

We had to hurry and take this photo last thing in the evening, hence the darker shot as tomorrow we leave for Sardinia and I'm not convinced they'll have kumara in Sardinia!

This dress is about 8 years old, from Zara.  I don't want to call it vintage, although I'm not sure how old something has to be to constitute the title of 'vintage'.  To me it's just old!

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