Saturday, 11 August 2012

The lemon

An easy fruit for us to find this week... a lemon.  And a nice versatile one to use at that!  This week we've finally been telling people our news.  Carlos wanted to tell everyone straight away but I was pretty keen to enjoy the secret for as long as we could, and probably because I don't like being fussed over and I knew a lot of fussing was coming our way this being the first grand child.  But it was lovely being able to delight our parents with the news.

This photo was taken before heading down to Woking for a friend's BBQ.  Now it was lovely and peaceful in Woking and I was a bit jealous of all the space they had, but I just can't imagine giving up our lifestyle in order to enjoy that peace and space.  I love being able to cycle up into Shoreditch for a coffee, or walk down into Brixton to sample the latest food craze, and I love being able to cycle to work in just over half an hour.  Nope, living in the countryside is just not for us.

Dress and bracelet from Aime

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