Sunday, 1 July 2012

New beginnings

This year has brought massive changes for us, we've moved from North to South London which feels a lot further than it sounds!  We're slowly pulling our little corner of the world out of the 1980s and discovering the joys of being south of the river.  We bought a two bed flat in a Victorian terrace in Loughborough Junction, around about half way between Brixton and Camberwell.  The flat needs a LOT of work and given our tiny budget, we're planning to do as much of it as we can.  We'll be sharing our design inspirations and the tribulations of learning how to take on the DIY projects ourselves.

Our other massive adventure is that we're now expecting our first baby, which is about to turn our lives completely upside down.  We have to admit that we're pretty clueless when it comes to babies but as our family and friends are split around the corners of the world, we thought it would be nice to document the process for them.

So here is our story...

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